Seller Testimonials

No, we are not looking at other realtors for our Old Town Village, Alexandria townhome.  You’re the most successful, we know you can get us top dollar, and we want to work with you.

                                                                                                                                                     - Mike and Gayla Cauldwell
                                                                                                                                                                             Sellers 2018


The year has been crazy, but what wasn’t crazy was working with you.  Wendy and I are results driven leaders and how can we argue with your results - you sold our home in 2 days at over asking price! I live by the motto that actions speak louder than words and your actions & results to get our house sold speak for themselves.  Well done!

                                                                                                                                                   - John and Wendy Lakso
                                                                                                                                                                         Seller 2018


We wanted to sell our house and move DC.  We chose Marry Farrell because we had heard that she was good, and that she had a lot of experience selling homes in Alexandria.  While we wanted to sell the house soon, we wanted to get a good offer, and there were several very comparable homes in our neighborhood on the market at the same time.  Mary assured us our house would sell, and brought in a designer to help stage the home, and to recommend some minor improvements that would help attract buyers.  Soon after following her recommendations, we got a good offer, and sold our house.  The other comparable homes were still on on the market.  She was always professional, courteous and stayed on top of everything so we had nothing to worry about.  She made the whole process easy. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell their home.

                                                                                                                                                             -Ann and John Hulen
                                                                                                                                                                              Seller 2017


When I decided to sell my house, I was fortunate to select Mary Farrell as my agent. Thanks to her hard work and to the useful advice she provided, my house sold quickly.

She did extensive research on the marketability of my house and the identity of potential buyers. She used her broad knowledge of the DC real estate market and her invaluable network of contacts throughout the DC are to recommend a good sales price that would benefit me while attracting potential buyers.

Before putting the house on sale, Mary invested much time in examining my house to recommend a staging that emphasized its appeal. Then, she posted on line an enticing viewing of the staging and of the community where I live.

Mary's knowledge and hard work in pricing, staging and displaying my house led to its rapid sale. I had a full price offer within a day of posting my house for sale.

I highly recommend Mary. I am sure you will benefit from her professionalism as much as I did.

Kevin E. McGinn
Seller 2016

Mary was an excellent choice to help sell our house. She is professional and knowledgeable, thoughtful and attentive to individual concerns. She kept us informed throughout the process and responded quickly to our questions, which was especially important after we'd moved to California.

Debra and Matthew Whitcomb 
Seller 2016

This was my second tie working with Mary and it was once again a smooth and professional experience. She held my hand the whole way, and thanks to her guidance and marketing, my property rented the first day for more than asking. I could not have done it without Mary. Her experience, network of contacts, and willingness to work hard for top dollar made her my first choice.

Landlord/Owner 2016

Selling a home can be a stressful, arduous process, but when you have Mary Farrell as your agent, all your cares can just fade away. Working with Mary is a dream, an absolute pleasure. She guides you so carefully from getting your home completely ready (she knows EXACTLY how to do this-it's her special talent), to setting the price perfectly right, to working with any contractors, to all the paperwork (which can seem mountainous!), Mary will make sure everything is perfect. We sold in our home in 1 day for full price! She is so savvy that we think she could open a school for realtors to sell homes as well as she does! She is the realtor's realtor! If you want to sell your home as quickly and easily as we did in the Greater DC area, but in particular Old Town Village, then Mary is your go to person! A neighbor who also praises Mary very highly actually said it best--"If you want to sell your home, you have to Mary Farrell it!"

Robyn and Allan Webb 
Seller 2016

Thank you so much for everything, Mary!! All of your suggestions were so important to our sale. I knew you were the right person for us, and it was wonderful working with you. Thanks for our guidance through the process. You are very good at what you do, and we wish you continued success. We hope our sale will show future buyers that you are indeed the Queen of Old Town Village, and will look to you to partner with.

Brian & Gillian Gordon
Seller 2016

Mary Farrell is a real estate professional in a class of her own.   Her reputation for achieving successful outcomes for her clients is well-deserved.  She provided me with a great sales strategy, then implemented it with remarkable energy, enthusiasm, and attention-to-detail.  She sold my house on its first day on the market at a price higher than I had envisioned.  I could not have asked more from her and could not have gotten a better result.   If you are buying or selling a home, you can rely on Mary to get to get the job done professionally.   She will exceed your expectations and get you the result you are looking for. 

Michael S. Skardon, Alexandria, VA
Seller 2015

We thought it would be easy to sell our home in a hot market like Alexandria. A little paint, some basic touch ups, repairs where needed and, poof, buyers would come. We had our eyes opened when the home across the courtyard sold for far more than we expected. What happened to draw six figures more than we anticipated?  Mary Farrell. We bought our home in 2009, at the bottom of the market. The sellers were tired and unwilling to put any money into getting their home ready to sell. So we pushed our offer down, and bought a nice home where the appliances and finishes were 12 years old. When we started thinking about selling, we asked Mary to have a look. We’d made some improvements, but the look was now 18 years old. Mary asked us what we thought we’d get in a sale. I guessed we would get about $65,000 more than we’d paid. "You might be able to get that,” Mary said, “but you might do much better if you update the look of your home.” For example, all of the cabinet pulls and door handles had a brass finish. Change them to brushed nickel, Mary suggested, and you’ve already given it a different look. After Mary and her decorator toured our home, they had a long list of suggestions: carpets, paint, appliances, and, oh yes, let’s pack most of your things and store them in the garage so we can show the home like a model. We were a little grumpy about it. But that sale across the courtyard motivated us. We spent more than $15,000 getting the house ready to sell. We went to market with a price that was $126,000 higher than what we’d paid in 2009. Three days later, we had a full-price offer.

Jim & Lynn Landers, Alexandria, VA

Mary’s Experience counted at all the critical junctures.

Susan S. 
Seller 2015

You are a consummate professional, so talented in what you do. You will always be our choice for our real estate needs. Congratulations, and a sincere thank you for your wise counsel. If we hadn't listened to you we may still be looking for people. We literally couldn't have gotten a better turn around time and outcome. 

Kim P
Landlord 2015

We have been watching Mary successfully sell homes in Old Town Village for several years.  Contracts secured within days of listing and at prices above, at, or close to the asking prices characterize her sales.  We knew that when it came time for us to sell our Old Town Village home that she was the person we would turn to. Her strategy led to a sale on the first day of the home’s listing.  Not only did the home sell quickly, her suggested upgrades to the property achieved a net increase in our proceeds from the sale.  I would highly recommend Mary to anyone thinking about selling their home. 

Paul and Carlota Klimas
Seller 2015

Mary was a Godsend! We received two full price offers within 24 hours of listing our home and before the first official open house.  This was not by chance – two months in advance of our home going on the market, Mary, along with her home designer expert, did a thorough study of ways to improve the marketability of our house and made valuable recommendations, that we implemented, which paid off big time when the house went up for sale.  We were very impressed with all Mary’s services in getting the house on the market – the staging, flyer, brochure, pictures, description of the home, beautifully descriptive webpages with floor layouts accompanying the virtual tour, and, most importantly, her contacts in the area.  It didn't stop there – Mary’s advice and guidance was great in vetting the offers, keeping track of the buyer’s financing, generally being on top of things, and being available to get details taken care of while we were out of town.  We can’t thank her enough!  If you want your home sold fast and at the right price you could not select a better realtor. 

- Bob & Barbara Smith, 2015

I've owned several homes; Mary is the best real estate agent anywhere. Mary Farrell is fantastic! She exceeded my expectations in every way. She made a horrible situation easy – very professional, likeable in every way and dedicated to EXCELLENCE. I just wish I had found her sooner.

- Gen RJ, US Army (retired), 2014

Mary Farrell is a phenomenal real estate agent.  Her homes sell quicker and at a higher percentage of list price.  Our home sold for 100 percent of list price in one day.  We chose Mary to market and sell our home because she works for a full service Broker (McEnearney) that provides professional brochures, exceptional photos and virtual tours and is able to enlist her partner agents at McEnearney to "get the word out" to the world prior to first list day.  Mary also is willing to list your property at your top, reasonable price.  We strongly recommend you choose Mary! 

- Herve & Betsy Aitken, 2014


  • She was always available to show us homes and knows this market backward and forward.
  • Mary went top to bottom with suggestions for de-cluttering our home to make it 'show' ready. It turns out Mary was absolutely right with her suggestions.
  • Mary's vision was amazing and directly contributed to our house selling so quickly and for full asking price.
  • Mary's experience and networking enabled her to provide us with contractors, cleaners, and others who helped us get our home ready for sale and our new home ready to move into. She is truly one stop shopping when it comes to home sale or purchase.
  • Mary worked tirelessly and successfully to minimize the stress and make selling our home and buying our new home a joyful experience. My family and I could not be happier in our new home and would recommend Mary Farrell to anyone willing to listen.

Scott & Susan Miller 
Seller 2014

“Once I decided to sell my house, Mary played a key role in helping me determine the price. This was a difficult process since I had invested a substantial amount of money in buying and remodeling the house and I wanted to recoup every dollar. Mary convinced me that my expectations were unrealistic and guided me to a price appropriate for the market. The buyer actually agreed to pay the asking price but the appraiser for the mortgage company came in substantially less. Mary got the buyer to agree to another appraisal which came in higher and which the buyer agreed to pay despite having to make up the difference out of his own pocket. Without Mary’s guidance and persistence, I’m not sure the deal would have ever been consummated. Mary also did an amazing job staging my house for sale…Even I must admit that the house looked better. Without her help I would not have been able to complete the close in a timely fashion nor be able to move into my new house on time. Mary is incredibly dedicated to serving her clients. She is willing to invest hours and hours to do the job in a superior manner and make sure her clients are satisfied. Mary is also a very nice person with whom to work. Mary did an amazing job and I highly and unreservedly recommend her."

-Randall Larrimore 
Seller 2013

McEnearney and, more specifically, Mary Farrell far exceeded our expectations. From the beginning, Mary was courteous, professional, competent, patient and responsive, this is truly a testament to Mary’s tenacity and dedication, given how demanding and difficult I can be as a client. Mary found our dream home, than gave us a tough but realistic goal to rapidly prep, list, and sell our previous residence.  In order to bring our follow-on purchase desire to fruition. We could not have asked for a better partner than Mary! We’re customers for life! 

- Tim & Mari Wolfe
Buyer and Seller 2013

We made the absolute right choice in selecting Mary Farrell to represent us in the sale of our home.  From the first meeting to discuss strategy to the last meeting to close the sale everything Mary did was done with the utmost care and consideration. Mary’s advice was always thoughtful and focused on the result.  No detail was left to chance.  Her professionalism and knowledge of the market resulted in a full price offer after a very short time on the market!  We would recommend Mary to anyone without reservation.  She a true pleasure to work with. 

- Larry Bory & Marellen Aherne, 2013

Mary’s experience was so evident from the first moment we met, and continued being our saving grace throughout the engagement. She was the epitome of well-heeled professionalism, humor, kindness and reliability. 

- Kim and Rob P,
Landord 2013

The Best of the Best! 

- Frank Drendel, 2012

Mary more than met our expectations.  Mary is A+++. I would recommend Mary  Farrell and would never use anyone else. 

- Terry & Irene Gainer, 2012

Mary exceeded our expectations! She is simply the best agent we have worked with in our experience of selling many homes over the years. 

- Ted & Teresa Hoffman, 2012

One of the main reasons we sought Mary out was that we had encountered her several times at Open Houses for other properties in OTV—and she brings a level of commitment and energy that is contagious and pleasant.  Mary did an extraordinary job, and actually put our condo under contract twice—the first buyers had a change in military orders and did not move to our area. 

- Mike Williams & Lisa Kattan, 2012

I followed Mary’s advice and put my house on the market in early December (which was counter intuitive for me.)  Mary did an amazing marketing job and over 20 people came to the first open house and almost 30 brokers came to the brokers open.  I had three contracts on my house in the month of December and I closed on my house within two months.  Not only did I have a quick sale, my house sold for a higher price than any house my size had sold in over two years.A house is a huge investment. It is not something you want a novice or a discount broker to sell.  Mary Farrell has the knowledge and the experience other agents do not have.  I listened to Mary, even when the advice she gave was counter intuitive to me and was not advice commonly given by other agents.  I am so happy I chose Mary to be my realtor and I am also glad that I listened to her advice. 

- Diane MacDonald, 2012

Just listen to Mary...she will sell your house! 

- Margie & Sheree, 2011

Never in our wildest expectations did we anticipate you would sell our home in only two days for full asking price. Without question, this happy outcome was the result of your advice about proper “staging”, your sophisticated advertising of the property, and your keen sense of comparable property values. Seeing you in action was a tutorial on best practices in real estate. 

- Ken & Kay Harbinson, 2011

Mary demonstrated outstanding professionalism. She assisted us above and beyond in preparing our home for sale. Our trust and faith was well placed. Mary communicated well and was always responsive by phone and email. We have and will continue to highly recommend Mary! She is the best. 

- Beryl Brodsky & Thomas Fritz, 2011

I highly recommend Mary because she not only is the best, but one that you can count on for immediate response to questions and performs in a highly professional way of performance in selling property. She got my condo sold in less than 30 days.  Now, that speaks for Mary and her ability to, "Get it done"! 

-Mary Lingo, 2011

For any of you debating which real estate agent would be best for you, you won’t find a better one than Mary. We spent a week interviewing several agents and Mary presented the best proposal by far. The decision to go with Mary certainly paid off. Despite selling our home in a down economy and a slow time of the season, our house sold in only 3 days and at full asking price. But, that was not the end of Mary’s dedication to us. When those issues that always seem to arise prior to closing, Mary went above and beyond to work them out for us. Her professionalism and expertise are second to none. 

- Rick and Julia Converse, 2011

Without a doubt, choosing Mary Farrell as our real estate agent was the best decision we could have made regarding the sale of our house.  At our initial meeting, Mary was very knowledgeable and extremely well organized as she presented her strategy for selling our house.  She provided us with information that helped us, as a team; decide on the right asking price for our house in a very challenging market.  She also shared constructive ideas as to how we could best prepare our house prior to listing.  Mary always remained constant, calm and professional. we found Mary to be very enthusiastic, honest, kind, and compassionate during the entire process of selling our house.   We would definitely recommend Mary Farrell over any other agent! 

- Rolf & Ruthie Hillie, 2010

A contract was signed within five days; of course, I was delighted with the speed in which a buyer was located, and with the ease in which the whole process seems to have moved along.  Mary’s skill, support, and professionalism truly were commendable, and I should not hesitate to recommend Mary to anyone I meet who may be considering a real estate experience.

- E. Ruth Arnold
Seller 2010

Our experience with Mary selling our home was outstanding.  She helped us stage our home and priced it right.   We got top dollar and the home sold quickly right before thanksgiving.  Mary was completely engaged until closing.  She answered all our questions and kept us informed throughout the process.  We would recommend her to anyone.

- Tom & Betsy Banner  
Seller 2010

The results were that:  You sold our house within three weeks and at ninety-eight percent of our asking price.  We went to settlement on time.  All parties, including the buyer, were satisfied with the win-win transaction.  You exceeded all our expectations. Mary, we are happy to endorse you as a first class realtor who delivers results efficiently, in a friendly manner, and with integrity.  

- Rose & Bob Jordan 
Seller 2010

"Mary Farrell provided me ... a valuable combination of knowledge of the market and local community along with all the practical aspects of marketing, selling, and closing on the sale of my house.

  • She guided me in deciding the optimum house preparations for the market.
  • She was very helpful in coordinating all the details, both physical and administrative to allow a timely entry into the market.
  • Her expertise in smoothly negotiating and finalizing a sales agreement gave me complete confidence in the certainty that the house would close as scheduled which is exactly what happened.

The bottom line was complete success. I sold my house during the most intense week of the worst financial crisis in the United States since the great depression, i only 4 days at full asking price - a price higher than any sale of comparable homes in the neighborhood. No one could ask for more."

- Fred Schlich 
Seller 2010